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Control your PC with your Android devices

Android and Windows can communicate over a Wifi connection but, in order to get something out of it, some application has to be listening on the Windows platform, and this is what1 brings me2 here.
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This Tabs introduction should clarify the idea, with the help of a growing list of screenshots1 and some samples showing how they are your own custom components2 in this app and an example3 showing what they are made of.

Some definitions to put names on the different pieces like Tabs & Tags1 SHELL 2, SENDKEYS3, SENDINPUT4, the list of SERVER commands5 # comments6, APP commands7 and some practical illustrations, will explain all the details.

The Designer is a Tab Editor1 used to create Custom profiles2 and an intersting Todo list3.

Google Play Store does not support any free test period for paid apps, but at this stage, you can get a free Test version1 from this site. Here is how to Download and Install2 the Android Client APK and the Windows Designer and Server zip archive.

...your input is quite welcome on the following sites: GitHub Google Play Google Groups

Android and Windows ?
Tabs introduction
The Designer
Some related links
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