Considering an Android custom bookmark project

RTabs is all about how I absolutely get nothing out of the 10260 entries of my Chrome bookmarks (17196 lines of HTML when exported).

And I know why! Since forever! What’s to be expected from lists of lists of lists? When I’m looking for my bookmarked page from two years ago pointing to this fancy Fingerworks keyboard review comments I wanted to follow and contribute to. Well, I simply don’t try anymore to search these never ending lists.

This is what brought me to this project. The main idea is about trying to understand what possibly could resolve as many as possible of the issues when navigating my “bookmarks tree”:

1 – First step: which main branch to follow first?
2 – Then, which sub-branch?
3 – Then, which sub-sub-branch?
4 – Then, which sub-sub-…-sub-branch?
5 – …/…
Chrome - Bookmark manager - Folder
Chrome - Bookmark manager - Branch

Let’s stop here to have a look to what that means already?
It means that EVERYTHING would have to be classified in such a way that MY TREE has to have a branch leading to EACH of its leaf. Ok, that’s simply how trees use to solve their “problem”.

And this looks like we have something to investigate
We should be ready to consider that a few billion years of evolution may have a point about how to build a tree the right way. So, maybe, our problem is not about how to put leaves on branches. It could as well be that the tree itself is the problem here…
– Why a tree? Tree is good when you have leaves, branches, roots and the ecosystem that goes with them.
– Is it so obvious that web-pages are some kind of leaves hanging on branches we want to follow to reach them?
– That could be true if we were driving our way as we would in a car on well charted roads, with maps and a GPS to help.
– We’re not! We are on a Web, jumping from one place to another, nearly at random, following some whimsy justified link or inspired request.

Then what?
My fancy is that some kind of mnemonics could come from a few key elements:
– the reasons why we followed the path
– that led us to some web page
– we want to get back to later (a bookmark).

Putting that to work:
– A path implies a journey – story telling – road movie
– Reached some remarkable findings
– Getting back to useful/interesting subject goes with what we consider special enough.

How to do that?
– A path has a shape
– A worthy web-page has shapes, colors and keywords, …
– A bookmark to that page should then have some qualifying color, a shape and a label.
RTabs - Custom shapes, colors and labels

That, to some extent, takes care of the “leaves on branches” problem.

But the “tree problem” is still there with our branches hanging on one another, down to some roots.

We don’t have any kind of rooted classification system to build something from.
Let’s just try to buy us some manageable way to organize ourselves the best we can, with our own way to name and design what we consider being a root subject.
RTabs - Custom index

Entering a personal organization from one of theses root subject of our own would make as much sense as we take care to justify our choices when we create one. Giving it a name, content with selected shapes, colors and labels.
Even though theses still are some kind of lists of list, we would replace:
lists of lists of labels
– by separate pages of lists of shapes, colors and labels

More about underlying concept: RTabs doc